Born in french Canada Lynn Schulz lost her soul to Germany and Europe some 40 odd years ago.

With her sea-faring husband she sailed the seven seas for those first 20 years. Foraging shores and exploring the world‘s intoxicating ports only helped whet Lynn‘s voracious appetite for the exotic.

Once settled ashore, Idar-Oberstein claimed her full attention in the form of a Jewellery Store. Together with the fascinating precious stones available in this Gem Capital of Europe plus the bountiful hues provided by nature in the multitude of forms, ”Schmuckkasten” was launched.
Twenty-six years ensued and no end in sight. Along with her staff of four, who embellish this jewel of a shop, they have inspired the motto:

”Go for the Bold”
A profusion of jewellery as well as resplendent jackets and lush silks and scarves are at your beck and call - from simple to spectacular.